Smith & McLaurin Leads with Eco Certified Papers in Sustainable Label Production

News 14 May 2024

Smith & Mclaurin Leads With Eco Certified Papers In Sustainable Label Production

In the label production industry, the focus on sustainability and high-quality materials has become increasingly important. Smith & McLaurin is leading this shift by pioneering the use of FSC® certified papers, which represent a significant move towards environmental responsibility. Our range of FSC® certified papers is crucial for businesses aiming to achieve sustainability without sacrificing quality.

The Value of FSC® Certified Papers

Our FSC® certified papers are sourced from responsibly managed forests, ensuring that each sheet contributes to sustainable forest management. This certification is more than a label; it represents our commitment to environmental stewardship and offers our clients a credible, traceable path back to the source of the materials.

Our Range of Eco Certified Papers

We offer a variety of FSC® certified papers tailored to meet diverse industry needs:

Coated Gloss Papers: Ideal for projects requiring a high sheen finish, these papers provide excellent print quality and durability.

Coated Matt Papers: Best for clients who prefer a non-reflective surface with superior print quality.

Uncoated Vellum Papers: Perfect for those seeking a natural feel with a high-quality printing surface.

Within our FSC® Paper Line, we offer several popular options tailored to meet diverse industry requirements. Gloss 80 FSC® is an 80-gram semi-gloss paper that is aesthetically pleasing and versatile, supporting a range of printing technologies such as flexographic and litho-processes. For more substantial needs, Gloss 150(N) FSC® provides a robust 150-gram satin white coated board ideal for premium packaging. Additionally, Vellum 80 FSC®, known for its very smooth finish, is an 80-gram paper that excels in producing high-end labels with excellent print clarity. These selections underscore our commitment to combining sustainability with functionality to cater to various labelling needs.

These products can be paired with a wide range of our innovative adhesives to meet specific application requirements, whether the label needs to withstand freezing temperatures or requires easy removal.

The Real-World Impact

Imagine a premium wine brand choosing our Gloss 150(N) FSC® for its labels. The quality of the paper enhances the overall presentation of the bottle, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability. The FSC® certification reassures consumers about the brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

On the other hand, our Vellum 80 FSC® might be used by organic food producers who value both the aesthetic of uncoated paper and the assurance that their labels are environmentally friendly. This alignment with their brand values is crucial, as consumers increasingly make purchasing decisions based on sustainable practices.

At Smith & McLaurin, we understand that transitioning to sustainable materials like our FSC® certified papers is not just about meeting regulatory demands but about leading the way in eco-friendly practices. Our papers not only meet today's sustainability standards but also cater to the aesthetic and functional requirements of premium labels.

If you’re looking to enhance your product's market appeal through sustainable practices or need tailored solutions that align with both your operational needs and environmental goals, our team is ready to assist. Let’s explore how our FSC® certified papers can elevate your brand and contribute to a greener planet.

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