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We offer a wide-variety of adhesives to suit a broad range of applications, ranging from wash-off, permanent high tack through to super removable. 

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Our Complete Range of Label Adhesives

We offer a huge variety of label adhesives which typically fall into one of our 7 key categories below. Each category of adhesive contains numerous variants, this ensures we have adhesives on offer which can meet your specific application requirements.

PurityWash - Cold Water (Paper & Film) & Hot Caustic Wash-Off - Enables labels to wash off PP, PE, HDPE, glass and PET bottles and containers during industrial cleaning & returns processes.

Permanent - Acrylic & Hotmelt - Excellent extreme high tack permanent adhesives for a variety of rough and difficult substrates.

Removable - Great initial tack however can be removed from a variety of substrates including glass, metal, PE and PP. Also suitable for peel and reseal applications.

Repositionable - Strong tack offering the ability to reposition after the initial application whilst providing long-term adhesion and durability thereafter.

Freezer - High adhesion and durability which are capable of withstanding freezer temperatures in applications down to -40°.

Wash Off - High tack permanent adhesives designed to wash off in various environments.

Wet Pack - These adhesives provide great tack and are capable of withstanding chilled environments.

Why are Innovative Label Adhesives Important?

The new “Plastic Tax” introduced across Europe has encouraged brand owners to look at recycling options for all plastic to negate this new tax. PET bottles and containers are the main area of focus due to the large volume and the commercial value once recycled. This is also key for glass bottle recycling in Germany, and our PWP1018 adhesive is certified by OBRC for glass bottle returns processes. 

As Smith & McLaurin's abilities go beyond basic manufacturing into a comprehensive product portfolio of materials, we have been working to develop new PSL adhesives which cleanly wash off during industrial recycling processes. This success has led to our team developing a caustic hot water wash process for the recycling of PET bottles, discover why wash-off adhesives are on the rise in our dedicated article. Alternatively, if you're looking for a removable adhesive we have a range of these on offer which are perfect for peel-off coupons or price reduction labels on greeting cards.

Wash-Off Adhesives Without Contamination

Our new unique range of PurityWash adhesives provides you with the ability to optimise the efficiency of all plastic recycling which leaves PET flakes residue-free and recyclable into food grade PET bottles and containers.

Caustic Hot Water Adhesive

This solution includes a water-based permanent adhesive which is coated at standard PSL coat weights. This innovative adhesive is perfect for HPC, drinks, and food sectors and is available with any standard face and liner combination.

Benefits of Caustic Hot Water Adhesive?

This product involves washing food-grade bottles at 65°C with 1% caustic solution. This results in leaving PET flakes residue-free and recyclable into food grade PET bottles and containers which minimises landfill of these containers. Product coming soon, currently undergoing lab testing.

Cold Water Adhesives

Our cold water adhesives come in two formats - paper and film. These water-based permanent adhesives enable the clean removal of labels in cold water and do not leave any residue on the container. This process requires substantially less energy than the hot-water process.

Benefits of Cold Water Adhesives?

The cold water adhesive increases the availability of recycled plastics, enabling thousands of businesses to reduce plastic taxes. 


PurityWash range of innovative adhesives completely wash off and dissolve during industrial cleaning processes leaving PET residue free, maximising the recyclability of both the PET bottle and label material.

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