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The AdaptLabelStock range presents you with the opportunity to enjoy an unlimited choice of self-adhesive labelling solutions. This range includes standard and modified commodity products to suit any application.

Twinstik Materials

A self-adhesive paper or film construction consisting of two self-adhesive layers on top of each other, available with a wide range of face materials and adhesives. Common applications include decorative or functional label applications where a second self-adhesive label is required when the first layer has been peeled off or applied, e.g. direct mail and promotional stickers/coupons.

Applications and Benefits include

  • Convenient for end user: A twinstik label on a parcel can prevent the need for the end user to print a return label, to send back a parcel.
  • Varied promotional uses: Vouchers, coupons or special offers can be printed on our twinstik material and applied directly to the product package.
  • Printable with a wide variety of print technologies: includes letterpress, flexographic, screen and litho-processes. Also suitable for thermal transfer printing with several printer/ribbon combinations.
  • Excellent print quality: Outstanding pre-print and thermal transfer print results.
  • Logistics and tracking: Copy labels can be included on goods/delivery paperwork, and used to replace lost tracking information.

Popular Products 

  • Gloss 80/HT236/65WG/HT236/65HG
  • T963N/HT236/65WG/HT236/65HG

Our AdaptLabelStock range can be used for various applications and what you see here represents only a sample of all that we can do for you. All the materials in our AdaptLabelStock range are available with a wide range of adhesives and liners.

Leanne Anderson AdaptLabelStock product specialist

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