PurityWash Revolutionises Recycling and Compliance in the Beverage Industry

News 16 Apr 2024

Puritywash Revolutionises Recycling And Compliance In The Beverage Industry Web

Sustainability is increasingly important across various industries, especially in food and beverage, where the push for environmentally friendly solutions is growing. PurityWash, developed by Smith & McLaurin, introduces a novel wash-off adhesive technology that significantly enhances the recycling and reuse processes for bottles, marking a significant step forward in sustainable packaging practices.

PurityWash is not just any adhesive; it's a solution designed to ensure that labels can be easily washed off from PP, PE, HDPE, glass bottles, and PET containers during industrial cleaning processes. This innovation leaves the materials residue-free, significantly enhancing the recyclability of bottles and containers, and in turn, supporting the circular economy model.

Why PurityWash Stands Out

The unique formulation of PurityWash offers several adhesives tailored for various applications, including Caustic Hot Water, Cold Water (Paper), and Cold Water (Film) processes. Our Cold Water Adhesives, PWP1018 for paper and PWF1018 for film, are water-based permanent adhesives that enable the clean removal of labels in cold water, leaving no residue and ensuring containers are completely recyclable. Notably, PWP1018 is also approved by OBRC for the glass bottle returns process, demonstrating its effectiveness and compliance with European recycling standards.

As a first-to-market innovation, PurityWash offers businesses the opportunity to gain a competitive edge with wash-off adhesives that are precisely designed to cater to the unique demands of the beverage industry, marking a significant leap towards more sustainable packaging practices.

PurityWash: A Strategic Solution to Plastic Tax Legislation

In addition to its environmental benefits, PurityWash offers a strategic solution for businesses navigating the complexities of plastic tax legislation. By improving the recyclability of packaging materials, companies can reduce the costs associated with plastic taxes, aligning financial incentives with sustainable practices.

Take the Next Step Towards Sustainability

At Smith & McLaurin, we're committed to providing sustainable solutions that meet the exact needs of our customers. Whether you're interested in small batch orders or customised solutions, our team is ready to help you integrate PurityWash into your manufacturing process, ensuring your products are both sustainable and compliant with recycling standards.

Get in touch to discuss how PurityWash can benefit your business and contribute to your sustainability goals.

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