Innovative Thinking to Maximise Sustainability


Awareness of environmental issues, such as climate change and plastic pollution, has never been higher. Legislation is being put in place to ensure companies design and manufacture more environmentally-friendly packaging. The ability to adapt and meet the new eco-responsibilities will be crucial.

01 Core Values

Our approach to sustainability

We view sustainability as the licence to grow business and partnerships are the accelerator of this change.

Sustainability is no longer a bolt-on activity. The real-world issues are central to a healthy and prosperous society upon which companies’ success depends.

Consumers demand action from industry. Consumers are making more informed choices over packaging, seeking environmental information and attaching a value to sustainable packaging.

Our response towards future packaging is to make products from renewable and recycled materials, allowing products to be fully recyclable that fits into a low carbon circular economy.

The three key areas are Biodegradability, Compostability and Recyclability.

PSL - at present recyclability is the key area of focus for our products whilst we continue to work with our partners on delivering compostable and recyclable solutions.

For plastic recyclability, we are developing adhesives for hot and cold-water recycling processes that allow for the removal of pressure sensitive laminates from existing bottles, containers etc. The adhesives can be laminated to paper and film and allow the plastic container to be recycled.

Crucial Eco-Responsibilities

  • From February 2022 plastic taxes were introduced across Europe. This “Plastic Tax” is based on a simple principle — those who pollute, pay.
  • New European Directives are being commissioned to ensure packaging recycling targets are met.
  • Current targets: by 2022 all plastic packaging must have a 30% recycled content. Target will increase to 50% by 2025 and 55% by 2030.
  • Currently recycled plastic is oversubscribed by 185% - infrastructure is needed to allow for the recycling of plastic packaging.
  • For the label industry the recycling of paper and film is a complex process. Currently a number of protocols, standards and laboratories claim to determine the recyclability of particular materials: none provide a definitive measure or have cross-industry support. Instead the Confederation of Paper Industries is working on a suitable test for measuring recyclability.
  • Updating operational processes internally & externally - with a key focus of reducing our Carbon Footprint, read more about our positive impacts.


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EcoPack is a revolutionary one side coated heatseal and moisture barrier FSC® certified paper which provides a sustainable, translucent paper-based alternative to avoidable plastic packaging.


PurityWash range of innovative adhesives completely wash off and dissolve during industrial cleaning processes leaving PET residue free, maximising the recyclability of both the PET bottle and label material.