How SMCL is Bringing New Products to Market

News 23 May 2024

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At Smith & McLaurin, we believe that the heart of innovation lies in listening - translating our customers' needs into products that not only meet but exceed their expectations. It’s a journey of collaboration, patience, and unyielding commitment to excellence that underscores our product discovery process. This process is a dynamic one, marked by intensive research, customer feedback, and adaptability to legislative changes, such as the plastic tax, ensuring that our products are not just innovative, but also responsible.

The story of the evolution of our Eco Form product exemplifies our dedication to this journey. Despite its success, we recognised the need for a version that could ace the recyclability test, thus enhancing its appeal in a market that's increasingly turning away from plastics. "Our commitment is to deliver solutions that align with the evolving landscape of sustainability," explains John Radford, Director of Sales. "The new version of Eco Form is a testament to this - a product shaped by rigorous testing, customer input, and an inventive approach that saw us combine it with our Thermal Eco paper for improved performance."

Our process is meticulous, involving countless iterations and testing to ensure that not only does a product like Eco Form meet sustainability criteria, but also the practical demands of the market. "We work in close quarters with our customers during the development phase," says Lynsey Church Commercial Manager. "It's not just about solving their current problems. It's about anticipating their future needs and crafting a product that integrates seamlessly into their operations."

This foresight is crucial. The Eco Form project began in April 2022, with the team navigating through manufacturing challenges and rigorous customer testing, demonstrating our commitment to quality and functionality. "We're dedicated to a collaborative process where our products are put through their paces by the customers themselves, ensuring they perform optimally in real-world applications," Pat Kennedy, Managing Director, emphasizes.

As we celebrate the successful passage of the recyclability test for the improved Eco Form, demand from key supermarket chains is already surging. This product, born from necessity and meticulously shaped by customer needs and feedback, is now ready to offer a substantial competitive edge—helping businesses not only bypass the plastic tax but also enhance their sustainability credentials without compromising on quality.

"Each new product is a chapter in our narrative of innovation," says Radford. "They are stories of adaptation, customer focus, and strategic investment - qualities that form the bedrock of Smith & McLaurin. Our goal is not only to achieve greater standards in sustainability but enable our customers to achieve further business growth by minimising risk to profitability through new legislation, like the plastic tax."

In every product's journey from concept to reality, there are numerous hurdles - from ideation to customer satisfaction. Yet, as Church succinctly puts it, "Our customers come to us with challenges, and we transform them into solutions. This is not just what we do - it's who we are."

Smith & McLaurin's discovery process is more than a routine - it’s a proactive and engaged dialogue with the market, ensuring that every product we release is not just a part of our catalogue, but a part of our customers' success stories.

For more information about our product discovery process, and when our most recent version of Eco Form will be available, please contact our team and sign-up to our marketing newsletter.

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