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The AdaptEco range allows our customers to benefit from using sustainable label materials from recycled and renewable sources as our FSC® certified paper is from FSC® mix materials. If you are looking for a solution which makes your label removable to allow the rest of the packaging to be recycled or remove avoidable plastic in your packaging, our AdaptEco sustainable label range has a solution for you.


What is EcoPack?

EcoPack is a revolutionary one side coated heatseal and moisture barrier FSC® certified paper which provides a sustainable, translucent paper-based alternative to avoidable plastic packaging. This paper is certified by TÜV Austria for home composting, industrial composting and biodegradable performance. With EcoPack you can benefit from fully recyclable, compostable paper packaging that is adaptable, efficient and attractive. 

What are the Benefits of EcoPack?

  • Fully recyclable paper-based packaging that is adaptable, efficient and attractive.
  • Avoid mono material single-use plastic for packaging.
  • Durable packaging material. 
  • Provides a heat-seal and moisture barrier - certified for direct food contact. Learn more about Barrier Packaging.
  • The base paper is certified by TÜV Austria for home composting, industrial composting and biodegradable performance.

What are the Main Applications of EcoPack?

Due to EcoPack being a paper-based material it is flexible in nature and can be used in various forms:

  • Horizontal & Vertical Flow Wrap
  • Sandwich Skillets
  • Sealed Bags
  • Labels
  • Board Lamination
  • Pouch and Bag Applications e.g. protein, coffee or hot chocolate sachets 
  • Flexible Packaging Solutions 

What is EcoPack An Alternative to?

  • Mixed paper/plastic laminate constructions
  • Avoidable mono material single-use plastic
  • Avoidable mixed material foil or metallised laminates
  • Window lamination films, offering paper lamination to create a paper-only construction
  • Natural and petroleum-based polymers on a variety of materials including paperboards 

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Benefit from avoiding single-use plastic based packaging.

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