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The AdaptEco range allows our customers to benefit from using materials from recycled and renewable sources as our FSC® certified paper is from FSC® mix materials. If you are looking for a solution which makes your label removable to allow the rest of the packaging to be recycled or remove avoidable plastic in your packaging, our AdaptEco range has a solution for you.


What is EcoPack?

EcoPack is a revolutionary one side coated heatseal and moisture barrier FSC® certified paper which provides a sustainable, translucent alternative to avoidable plastic packaging. With Ecopack you can benefit from fully recyclable paper packaging that is adaptable, efficient and attractive. 

What are the benefits?

  • Fully recyclable paper packaging that is adaptable, efficient and attractive.
  • Avoid mono material single-use plastic for packaging.
  • Provides a heat-seal and moisture barrier - certified for direct food contact.

What are the main applications?

  • Horizontal & Vertical Flow Wrap
  • Sandwich Skillets
  • Sealed Bags
  • Labels
  • Board Lamination
  • Pouch and Bag Applications
  • Flexible Packaging Solutions 


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