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The AdaptSecure range includes a variety of face materials, adhesives and liners which are perfectly suited to any security application - tax stamps, counterfeiting, pharmaceutical and retail sectors.

AdaptSecure Range

What is AdaptSecure?

Our AdaptSecure range provides you with the unique opportunity to specify the exact face, adhesive and liner combination for your specific security application. Our teams' 170+ years experience, technical know-how and on-site laboratory facilities guarantees we will deliver the correct solution to meet your requirements – helping you to safeguard against tampering and counterfeiting which will protect your brand.

What's Included In the AdaptSecure Range?

  • A range of paper and filmic face materials that have been developed for security type applications
  • Our range of low OBA paper face materials range from 40gsm to 80gsm allowing for any print security features such as nano text, holograms etc to be printed using all current print technologies
  • Our filmic range includes a matt coated destructible face which offers a unique tamper evidence process as an alternative to traditional materials
  • Wide-range of water based & hotmelt adhesives 
  • The mono face material destructs in layers however the benefit lies in the strength of the face material during conversion and application whilst offering a unique destructible layer
  • We have a wide range of approved water based and hotmelt adhesives for security type applications which can be coated at varying coat weights to meet your requirements for any surface ranging from cellophane, cardboard paper and glass
  • The face materials in our AdaptSecure range accept text and barcode symbology, including 2D barcode printing

What are the Benefits of AdaptSecure?

  • Frangible paper
  • Tamper-evident materials
  • Deter theft & counterfeit 
  • Ability to add your own elements of customisation, including holograms
  • Wide-range of approved water based & hotmelt adhesives for security applications
  • Flexibility in coatings & slit patterns
  • Digital receptive coatings 

What are the Main Applications of AdaptSecure?

  • Tax stamp and security paper, suitable for various print and application methods
  • Documents and postal stamp paper, protect your brand and minimise counterfeit
  • Frangible pharmaceutical blister packets
  • Bespoke combination of materials tailored to niche applications
  • Fashion & retail tamper-evident labels which are designed to deter theft as they delaminate when removed

Why Smith & McLaurin?

At Smith & McLaurin you can benefit from flexibility in our manufacturing processes which permit our team to tailor materials to meet your exact requirements. Contact our team if you would like to discuss your material requirements and we can arrange for samples to be sent out for you to trial.

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