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The AdaptEco range allows our customers to benefit from using materials from recycled and renewable sources as our FSC® certified paper is from FSC® mix materials. If you are looking for a solution which makes your label removable to allow the rest of the packaging to be recycled or remove avoidable plastic in your packaging, our AdaptEco range has a solution for you.


What is PurityWash?

PurityWash is a highly innovative and unique range of wash-off adhesives which enables businesses to complete the recycling circle, which is hugely beneficial due to the introduction of Plastic Tax. We have numerous adhesives within our range suitable for all of your Caustic Hot Water and Cold Water (Paper) and Cold Water (Film) applications. 

Caustic Hot Water Adhesive - PWC1018 - Coming Soon

  • The Veolia process includes washing bottles at 65° with 1% caustic solution leaving PET flakes residue-free and recyclable into food grade PET bottles and containers
  • This is the only PSA in Europe that does not reactivate during Veolia's caustic hot-water wash process
  • Water-based permanent adhesive coated at standard PSL coat weights
  • Verified by Veolia, Returpack and Infinitum

What are the benefits of PWC1018?

  • Supported by the latest recycling technologies 
  • Enables the complete recycling of PET bottles and containers
  • Perfect for HPC, drinks and food sectors - this adhesive is available with any standard face and liner combination
  • One of the first adhesives to be approved for PSL in Europe

Cold Water Adhesives - PWP1018 (Paper) and PWF1018 (Film)

  • Water-based permanent adhesives enabling the clean removal of labels in cold water
  • Clean removal of any paper or filmic faced labels, no residue left on the container which maximises the complete recycling circle
  • Approved in Europe for various recycle and wash-off application.

What are the benefits of PWP1018 and PWF1018?

  • No residue is left on containers, which completes the recycling process of PET bottles and containers 
  • Benefit from using this adhesive in combination with any face or liner
  • Requires substantially less energy than the hot-water process
  • Increase the availability of recycled plastics


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