Our Manufacturing Capabilities

We proudly manufacture our pressure-sensitive labels, tickets, and tag materials at our head office in Kilbarchan, Scotland. Take a closer look at our manufacturing capabilities below.

Let's Go'

Our gatehouse manages and controls all incoming and outgoing goods to our site. 

Goods In

This is where all of our paper, adhesives, chemicals, and base supplies are received and stored once inspected upon delivery. 

Customer Service

Our customer service department works directly with our customers and advises on recommended materials for our label, ticket and tag products. Benefit from a highly knowledgeable and personalised response.

Delegate responsibility for solving your problems to our Sales and Marketing team, and we will take ownership & commit our people and resources to find a solution to meet your requirements.

Our Technical & New Product Development is key in testing new materials and researching for NPD; allowing us to bring to market new products. We currently have a key focus on developing sustainable alternatives to industry standard materials. Our on-site lab is home to the creation of 1,000+ samples per year.

Purchasing & Planning are responsible for sourcing, ordering, and managing materials. They also plan and schedule all coating and slitting jobs within the factory.


The mixing plant is where all chemicals, adhesives and specialist in-house thermal coatings are produced.


The highlander is the jewel of our coating capabilities and also offers in-line siliconising. The Highlander offers:

  • A wide range of laminated pressure-sensitive label and tag materials
  • An extensive range of pressure-sensitive aqueous acrylic adhesives
  • Coat weight ranging from 14gsm to 30gsm
  • Substrates ranging from 30 to 300 micron
  • A coating width of 1.5 metres

This is our most versatile coating machine which offers unique capabilities, smaller minimum order quantities, and a range of differentiated high-value products. The Caledonian coater also provides:

  • Adhesive-free areas
  • Coats self-wound materials for transfer tapes or double-sided products with exposed adhesives
  • Single or multi-layer paper and/or film constructions 

The Clansman coater offers a range of direct thermal and speciality coatings including coloured thermals, heat seal and moisture barrier coatings and our HP indigo approved digital coating. The Clansman coater also provides:

  • Adhesive coat weight ranging from 4 to 20gsm
  • Substrates ranging from 50 to 200+ microns
  • A coating width of 1.5 metres
  • Direct thermal & other water-based speciality coatings

The Claymore provides a multi-purpose flexible coating machine that manufactures a range of permanent rubber-based hotmelt adhesives, combining ultra-high-tack properties with excellent conversion characteristics and minimum edge bleed. The Claymore machine also provides:

  • Coat weights ranging from 14 to 40gsm
  • Substrates ranging from 30 up to 300 micron
  • Coating width of 1 metre

This is where our goods are finished prior to despatch. Within our slitting area, we have 3 slitting machines which offer our customers a variety of slit widths anywhere between 60mm and 1500mm wide.


Sustainability is crucial throughout the business and we have various procedures in place to minimise waste throughout our manufacturing processes. We reuse and recycle materials where possible and work with our suppliers and distributors to minimise our carbon footprint.  


At this phase of our production your materials are given their final quality check in preparation for despatch to ensure they are within specification and meet your expectations.


Following slitting, materials are then packed and prepared to customer specifications. Materials are stretch wrapped and banded to maximise product protection and are then loaded for delivery to our customers.