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We work closely together with our customers to develop new and existing products suited to their applications, providing flexibility and low minimum order quantities.  

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Research & Development

Our technical team conducts extensive product and manufacturing research and testing on-site in order to replicate positive customer experiences for NPD. As part of this, we help our customers by developing custom products which are tailored to their unique manufacturing processes - this has resulted in our ever-growing Adapt product range. We are highly adaptable, and as our customer, you can benefit from ease of access to decision makers and flexibility in our manufacturing processes.  

Our People

Industry Leading Technical Team

Our technical team have over 80 years industry experience - this benefits our customers and enables them to stay ahead of the curve by providing numerous options about emerging technologies as well as keeping you abreast of any changes in products or legislation. We will work closely with you to ensure our products are suited to your manufacturing processes and your end users applications. Our team are always transparent in our communications and will work closely with you to resolve any issues which may occur.



Our key innovative focus is twofold and is centred around sustainability and recyclability. Firstly, we focus on replacing plastic in packaging by developing alternative paper-based packaging products, learn more about our award-winning EcoPack product. Secondly, we are also developing new, sustainable wash-off adhesives which maximise the recyclability of  PET, discover how our new PurityWash product makes this possible. These products will be key for businesses due to the introduction of "Plastic Tax" in February 2022, as it is crucial the recyclability of packaging is improved to reduce landfill and maximise business efficiency. 

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What is Smith & McLaurin's approach to sustainability?

Our team are focused on developing products from renewable and recycled materials, allowing products to be fully recyclable which fits into a low carbon circular economy. Our AdaptEco range includes labels, ticket and materials which are made from fully recyclable papers.