Resolution to Adhesive Problem with In-Line Bottling & Label Application System

Case Study 15 Feb 2006

The end user of one of Smith & McLaurin’s (SMCL’s) customers, based in Cork, Ireland, needed a very quick resolution to an adhesive problem with their in-line bottling and label application system.

The problem occurred when the label needed to be repositioned if misaligned on the inline applicator. The existing adhesive was not staying open long enough to allow the label to be repositioned, causing significant downtime on the bottling line.


Realising that they had inadequate knowledge within their own business to solve this issue rapidly, the customer contacted SMCL. To accelerate the search for the best solution, we agreed to visit the end user directly.

  • Within 24 hours of being notified of the issue, an SMCL technical expert was with the end user in Ireland, evaluating the problem and making recommendations. Here’s how we proceeded:
  • Several repositionable adhesives were trialled via A4 samples and applied by hand to bottles to determine        suitability for this specific application.
  • Having defined the correct adhesive, a sample of the new grade was manufactured and delivered to the end user for live trials within four working days.
  • The trial confirmed that the degree of repositionability was correct for the application and that the release level for the inline applicators was at the right level to allow for fast application speeds.


SMCL’s flexible and proactive approach to the problem enabled the customer to offer a quick, professional solution, and enabled them to successfully retain their end user  In turn, SMCL and the customer both enhanced their reputations for offering a consultative approach to resolving end user issues.

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