Label upgrade improves efficiency

Case Study 24 Aug 2000

The customer, a leading UK packaging group, was facing a stock management issue that required immediate attention. Every time they received a delivery of material from Smith & McLaurin (SMCL), the barcode on each coil had to be scanned into their stock management system. This was an important but time-consuming procedure, given the daily volume of material purchased, the variable placement of the labels, and the difficulty in accessing labels due to the secure wrapping of the pallets.

To help maximise efficiency - and enhance SMCL’s relationship with a major client - we had to find a way for them to scan material codes without unwrapping every pallet and slowing warehouse operations.


The team at SMCL modified our labelling system by creating a bespoke  label generator within our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system an initiative that demanded significant software development, all at our own cost.

The result was a single packing list, showing all individual barcodes for each coil on the pallet, which could be attached in a convenient location for easier, faster scanning


In refining the delivery label system, SMCL managed to:

  • Save time for the client - with all coil barcodes accessible in one easy to find location, we   eliminated the need to search for labels.
  • Reduce the risk of damaging the secure wrapping and contents.
  • Improve warehouse efficiency - accessible packing lists accelerate the categorising and storing of materials.
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