Same cost, new solution

Case Study 09 Nov 2007

At short notice, one of our customer’s end users, a leading mail and parcel delivery service provider, changed their label design. The alterations meant that our customer had to quickly source an alternative label material, as the existing non-top-coated thermal face stock was proving unsuitable. At stake was our customer’s 15-year relationship with the end user as well as the threat of doubling their costs if forced to use a more expensive top-coated thermal.


With time and price paramount, SMCL had to source different, viable materials and avoid incurring additional expense to our  customer. Our technical team immediately set out to:

  • Leverage our database of suppliers to source suitable materials.
  • Conduct extensive in-house testing to determine which materials were most suitable for our customer’s application.
  • Ensure that our customer was presented with a selection of up to five materials, so that they would have tried and tested alternatives available if a similar situation arose again.


Additional expense was avoided, as instead of moving directly to top coat, we successfully sourced  similarly priced alternatives.

SMCL spared the customer months of precious time in material re-testing and re-qualification, thanks to our excellent industry links and in-house technical knowledge in sourcing alternative materials.

We helped the customer maintain the strong relationship they had with their customer.

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