Bottle Return Scheme Explained & How Wash Off Adhesives Help

News 21 Jun 2022

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What is the deposit return scheme?

The deposit return scheme (DRS) is due to be introduced in August 2023 in Scotland, this new Government Recycling scheme will see a refundable deposit added to every bottle and can sold in Scotland as well as substantial enrolment and admin fees for independent businesses and breweries. This scheme was introduced in Germany during 2002 and has proven hugely successful. In fact, the country boasts a successful returns rate of above 98% demonstrating the positive impacts this scheme can have on the environment and recycling.

Why is the bottle return scheme important?

The DRS will empower consumers to dramatically increase the reusability and recyclability of glass bottles and PET bottles. The scheme in the UK is set to cut emissions by the equivalent of around 4 million tonnes of CO2 over 25 years.

Wash off adhesives to maximise glass bottle recyclability

Sourcing wash-off label adhesives which work in various bottle return recycling schemes will allow you to maximise efficiencies during the wash-off process. At Smith & McLaurin our PWP1018 adhesive is perfect for a range of wash processes (subject to testing), including:

  • Water jet
  • Hot water caustic solution
  • Cold water bath

In fact, the PWP1018 adhesive is so versatile, it also allows you to benefit from a single supplier as this adhesive can also be used on rigid plastics and works in the crate washing process. Our wash off adhesive is perfect for breweries and independent businesses as it provides a range of key operational benefits, whilst also enabling the reduction of CO2. 

Benefits of wash off adhesives

Wash off adhesives provide a broad range of benefits, particularly in aiding the overall deposit return scheme for glass bottle recycling:

  • Increases the availability of reusable glass bottles.
  • Reduces the requirement to manufacture new glass bottles, hugely reducing brands CO2 emissions and energy requirements within this process.
  • The labels remain securely in place during the point of sale and throughout consumer consumption.
  • Adhesive enables the release of the face material during wash processes, leaving no residue on glass bottles or in washers.
  • PWP1018 will also dissolve which means that drains will not become clogged and operations can continue smoothly and efficiently. 
  • Allows your business to promote a circular economy and boost your sustainability credentials.
  • This PWP1018 adhesive is also approved by the OBRC, additional information can be provided on request.

Contact us

If you would like to learn more about our PWP1018 wash-off adhesive, or request a trial of our adhesive in combination with our paper face materials and variety of liners then contact our team on 01505 707700 or submit an online enquiry form today.

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