Removable Adhesives, Their Benefits and Applications

News 11 Jan 2022


As label, ticket and tag material manufacturers we work with our customers to advise on the most suitable adhesive and solution to meet their application requirements. Removable adhesives are popular amongst our customers, below we have detailed what these are, examples of their applications and the range of removable adhesives we have available.

What are Removable Adhesives?

Removable adhesives are pressure-sensitive adhesives, which when it has been applied to a surface may be easily removed at a later date. The adhesive itself displays relatively low final adhesion. Although it adheres firmly to the substrate, it can be removed again for quite a long period of time. Ease of removal depends on the nature of the substrate, the conditions at the time of application and the environmental conditions during the service life of the label.

In fact, ease of removal varies with the quality of the label material. Clearly, a strong label material will not tear readily and will aid label removal. Some removable adhesive labels have an adhesive key coating to which the adhesive coating will have a greater affinity than the surfaces it’s designed to remove from. For example, lowering the coat weight of an adhesive can improve the performance of a removable label, as this can directly coat the label material with the adhesive, rather than the preferred transfer coating method.  Typically, removable adhesives become more permanent with the period of time and storage.

The future of removable adhesives is our range of PurityWash adhesives which includes water wash off and caustic wash off adhesives. These maximise the recyclability of PP, PE, HDPE and PET bottles and containers as the adhesives wash off in the recycling process.

Examples of Removable Adhesives in Applications

  1. Peel-off coupons on high end graphics e.g., magazines
  2. Return labels for courier services
  3. Price reduction labels for FMCG products, or label prices on greeting cards

Benefits of Removable Adhesives

  1. Easily repositioned – for example, our labels for the drinks industry if incorrectly applied can easily be repositioned up to 30 minutes once they have initially been applied.
  2. Peel & reseal – our adhesive solutions allow the material to retain its adhesion strength no matter how many times it is reapplied.
  3. Cleanly peel off – these adhesives cling firmly to both paper and filmic face materials, yet reposition easily and remove without a trace.

Our Removable Adhesives





Aqueous Acrylic

Removable adhesive for general purposes


Aqueous Microsphere

Speciality adhesive designed to provide excellent removability from difficult substrates such as greeting cards. Also suitable for peel/reseal applications. UV stabilised for window labelling – application testing required

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