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Thermal Economy Papers

Thermal coated label, ticket and tag materials, typically used for information labelling for indoor, dry environments such as point-of-sale marketing, food weighing and other retail applications.

Applications and Benefits include

  • Multi-purpose face materials: Economy thermal materials are ideal for short life applications, e.g.: in-store food, delicatessen, bakery and fruit & vegetable labelling. Due to its high-sensitivity response it is best used in indoor applications Also suitable for labelling of household goods, hardware and DIY products.
  • Available with a wide range of adhesives: Choose from permanent, removable and freezer adhesives to suit most labelling applications.
  • ISEGA and/or FDA approved adhesives for direct and indirect food contact: Certain adhesive/product combinations are ISEGA and/or FDA approved for either direct or indirect food contact.
  • Note- No protective surface coating: As this is an economy grade, the material does not have a protective surface coat, and as a result has a high sensitivity response. It should not be exposed to water, greasy substances or prolonged periods of direct sunlight.
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