Drinks Company Labelling Solution

Case Study 11 Aug 2005

Smith & McLaurin’s (SMCL) customer wanted to create a labelling product for their end user, an ambitious, idealistic and commercially vibrant drinks company. Our product design had to complement a high profile bottle for a new product range, which in turn was the focus of high expectations. Pressures faced were commercial and technical as well as aesthetic.

Up close and persistent 

While the customer had already found a face paper, specialist knowledge was needed to source a suitable adhesive and develop a construction that would facilitate the creation of an exceptional product.

Working closely with the customer SMCL:

  • Repeatedly visited the end user, to make sure their ethos was fully understood. Only then did the SMCL technical team settle on a suitable adhesive.
  • The ultimate choice of adhesive WP241worked well. However, despite successful trials the customer requested an even more robust solution.
  • SMCL rose to the challenge with WP245 and modified the coating parameters to deposit a higher adhesive coat weight.
  • Printed labels were delivered to the end user for evaluation and approval.

What happened next

The new designs were produced on time and sold well.

The project exemplifies how three-way co-operation - between SMCL, the customer and the end user - can build trust as well as deliver an innovative technical solution to a tightly defined, commercially significant brief. SMCL’s can-do attitude, flexibility and inventiveness enabled commercially viable answers to be found where previously we didn’t even know there was a question.

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