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  • 2-Side Thermal

    Find out about our Adapt2ST range which provides exceptional print results.

    2-Side Thermal
  • Digital

    Know more about our Inkjet printable and HP/Xeikon certified digital-ready label and tag materials.

    Digital Materials
  • Wines & Spirits

    Learn about our Textured, Laid, Woven and Wet Strength grades for labelling premium wines & spirits.

    Wines & Spirits Materials
  • Speciality

    Explore our Specialist and Bespoke materials for applications where off-the-shelf products are not an option!

    Speciality Materials
  • Environmental

    Choose from our selection of FSCĀ® Certified and Thermal papers as well as Compostable and Biodegradable Films.

    Environmental Materials
  • Commodity

    Discover Standard and Modified Commodity materials to suit a wide variety of applications.

    Commodity Materials

Smith and McLaurin Ltd is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of self-adhesive label, ticket and tag materials. Since 1849 the company has earned a reputation for innovation in the labelling industry, particularly in the digital, wines & spirits and eco-responsible labelling markets.

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Pressure Sensitive Vs Wet Glue

Pressure Sensitive Vs Wet Glue

GLOBALISATION of the spirit and wine industry is making the drinks market more competitive than ever. On-menu, on-gantry and on-shelf, the battle for consumer attention continues to intensify; producers, bottlers and retailers seek ever-higher quality labelling to gain sales-clinching stand-out.

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