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Laid Papers

When a laid texture is required in a label, our papers are an excellent choice, displaying a beautiful surface with pronounced laid lines. They are available in white and ivory, and top sellers include: 

  • Laid White WS90 
  • Laid Ivory WS90

Applications and Benefits include

  • Exhibits excellent wet strength characteristics: Our uncoated papers are wet strength treated and deliver good results when immersed in water.
  • Immediate impression of premium quality: These papers with their textured laid finish, create an air of luxury around the product being labelled. It also improves on-shelf presence of brands in a crowded marketplace
  • Offers good results with various printing and decorating techniques: These papers can be used for hot/cold foiling and light embossing which adds to the visual and tactile appeal of a label. Testing is recommended.
  • Available with a wide range of adhesives: Choose from permanent, water wash-off, wetpack and hotmelt adhesives to suit most labelling applications.
  • ISEGA approved adhesives for Direct & Indirect Food Contact: Certain adhesive/product combinations are ISEGA approved for either Direct or Indirect Food Contact.
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