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2-Side Thermal

2-Side-Thermal (2ST™) Technology is direct thermal printing technology that utilises dual thermal printheads within a single printer to print effective variable information on both sides of specially treated thermal paper rolls and labels.

Unlike traditional direct thermal products, 2ST™ materials have both the front and back surfaces treated with a direct thermal coating, enabling both sides to be printed simultaneously. Smith & McLaurin (SMCL) is the first self-adhesive laminator licensed by NCR to manufacture and supply 2ST™ label, ticket and tag materials worldwide. Having been at the forefront of thermal label innovation for the last 30 years, SMCL have developed a comprehensive 2ST™ range of label and tag materials – Adapt2ST.

2ST™ materials must only be purchased from an NCR 2ST™ licensed manufacturer. Our Adapt2ST range provides exceptional print results when printed on the Toshiba Tec DB-EA4D 2ST™ printer. The DB-EA4D comes with free software that is compatible with most systems. 2ST™ printing technology is ideal for applications which require dual output and is an efficient alternative to single sided solutions.

Adapt2ST Benefits:

  • Reduce Expense - Streamline supply-chain expenditures including: freight, storage, handling and printer consumables by eliminating the need for separate packing slip printers.
  • Protect the Environment - Reduce waste and landfill levels as the release liner is no longer discarded and instead is used as the packing slip.
  • Maximise Effectiveness - Build customer loyalty through targeted marketing strategies with affordable variable data printing.
  • Improve Efficiency - Increase print speed and overall throughput owing to the dual thermal print-heads.

Adapt2ST Applications:

2ST™ print labels serve a variety of applications including:

  • Product & Item Marking - Baggage Tags and Labels, Postage Labels and Promotional Labels.
  • Shipping & Logistics - Shipping Labels/Returns Forms, Pick Tickets/Shipping Labels and Customer Returns Labels/Instruction Documents.
  • Warehouse Management - Quality Control Labels/Inspection Documents and Product Tracking Labels/Inventory Control Labels.
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare - Laboratory Labels/Patient File Documents and Patient Identification/Directions to Service.

For more information, contact our AdaptDigi product specialist, Mike Galvin today on +44 (0) 7795403258 or email

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