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Our AdaptUltra range is the culmination of 10 years' hard work and innovation by our in-house technical department. This array of specialist products has grown from customer demand, feedback, general market trends and the overarching company ethos of, " if you want it, we’ve got it, or we will make it for you!" 

Thanks to the versatility of the coating machine used for the AdaptUltra range, Smith & McLaurin can create bespoke labels for countless applications. This range is virtually unlimited and can offer you practically any face, adhesive and liner combination, to suit your application.

With this range you have the added benefits of commission coating, strip coating and the ability to develop bespoke multilayer constructions. The AdaptUltra range of specialist products is extremely popular, offering unparalleled adhesion and print quality. Our most popular products include:


AdaptUltra Benefits

  • The efficient size and manufacturing flexibility of the Caledonian machine means its shorter production runs enable customers to enjoy lower stock commitments, which in turn reduces their risk.
  • Wide range of adhesive and liner combinations.
  • Materials from the AdaptUltra range can be digitally optimised with a proprietary in-house priming facility.
  • Custom adhesive coating and strip-coating services are offered based on customer specifications.

AdaptUltra Applications (by product):

  • DryPeel: Peel-off promotional coupons from retail packs or magazines, return labels for courier services, price reduction labels for retail products.  
  • Metal Detectable: Meat tagging and labelling, fruit labelling, general food production labels, tyre labelling.
  • DryPeel Tag:  Desktop printable business cards, tray end labels, general retail promotional tags.
  • Block-out: Price correction labels, barcode correction labels, opaque security labels.
  • MicroPeel: Price labels in greeting cards, CD labels, book labels and even windows. Reseal labels on retail packs.
  • HydroPerm: Beer barrel labels, potted plant tray labels, retail fruit and vegetable tray labels, hospital food trays and lab equipment labels.  
  • Transfer Tape: Business form “add-on-peel-out” tape, picture mounting tape, security bag/envelope seals.
  • Flexipeel & Receptive Flexipeel: Bottle collarettes and offer tags, promotional labels/coupons, ski passes, concert tickets, name tags.

For more information, contact the AdaptUltra product specialist, Scott Coates today on +44 (0)7917 893080 or email

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