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With traditional labelling resources rapidly depleting while demand rises for materials that are environmentally friendly, the logical next step is to find alternative sources of materials that meet the challenge. Our solution is:

  • TreeFree©: Discover a range of matt coated synthetic papers, manufactured from mineral powder.

This remarkable material is available in combination with our wide range of adhesives or as an adhesive-free thicker tag.




Certain products within the AdaptEco range are not stock items and are subject to minimum order quantity restrictions.


Applications and Benefits include

  • Available with a wide range of adhesives: Choose from permanent, removable, freezer, water wash-off, wetpack and hotmelt adhesives to suit most labelling applications.
  • Printable with a wide variety of print technologies: Suitable for Thermal Transfer printing with many printer/ribbon combinations. The smooth high quality surface is ideally suited for pre-printing by a variety of methods.
  • Wide variety of applications: Excellent thermal transfer printability and water resistance makes this suitable for a wide range of end uses including retail, horticultural and durable applications.
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