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Eco Direct Thermals

We offer two types of FSC® certified, direct thermal materials:

  • Economy Thermal materials: These are used for well controlled, short term labelling where there is little chance of the image being contaminated. These products are also known as ‘Unprotected’ thermals as they do not have a protective top-coating.
  • Top-Coated Thermal materials: These have a protected coating which is designed to prevent contamination of the thermally-printed image from any condensation, fats, grease, solvents and plasticisers during production and transit. 

Our AdaptEco FSC® certified thermal papers include such popular sellers as: 

  • T963N FSC®: An economy thermal paper with a high sensitivity response.
  • T764 FSC®: A top coated thermal paper with a high sensitivity response.

These products are available in combination with our wide range of adhesives or if preferred as adhesive-free thicker tags.




Certain products within the AdaptEco range are not stock items and are subject to minimum order quantity restrictions.

Applications and Benefits include

  • FSC® chain of custody certification: Smith & McLaurin is an FSC® certified material supplier, our customers can track the origins of their selected face materials and demonstrate that the paper comes from responsibly managed forests.
  • Available with a wide range of adhesives: Choose from permanent, removable, freezer, water wash-off, wetpack and hotmelt adhesives to suit most labelling applications.
  • Multi-purpose face materials: Economy thermal materials are ideal for short life applications, e.g. in-store food, delicatessen, bakery, fruit and vegetable labelling. Due to their high-sensitivity response these materials are best used for indoor applications and are suitable for labelling household goods, hardware and DIY products.
  • High image resistance: Top coated thermal materials have a protective coating that combats fading of thermal images
  • Sharp and clear print image: Top coated thermals offer better anchorage of flexographic printing inks applied to the thermal paper. The protective coating also focuses the heat from the thermal print head on the active coating resulting in a much sharper print result.
  • ISEGA and/or FDA approved adhesives for direct & indirect food contact: Certain adhesive/product combinations are ISEGA and/or FDA approved for either direct or indirect food contact.
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