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Smith & McLaurin is the first self-adhesive laminator in the world to gain dual FSC® certified and PEFC certified status. This achievement reaffirms our strategy to be industry leader in the supply of environmentally responsible label, ticket and tag materials. It also emphasises our role as innovators.

The AdaptEco range has one of the most extensive FSC® certified range of papers on the market, available at an almost cost-neutral basis. Also  on offer is a wide range of label materials from renewable and replenishable sources, the choice including PLA films, non-cellulose papers and papers with varying amounts of recycled post consumer waste (PCW).

If you are looking for labels made from environmentally friendly materials, then the AdaptEco range is perfect for you. Popular products in this range include:

AdaptEco Benefits

  • Access to a wide range of FSC® and PEFC certified label, ticket and tag materials.
  • Wide range of adhesive and liner combinations.
  • We can digitally optimise materials from the AdaptEco range with our proprietary in-house priming facility.
  • We offer custom adhesive coating and strip-coating facilities based on the customer's specification.

AdaptEco Applications

  • General retail labels / food labels and food packaging labels where an environmental agenda needs to be addressed.
  • Labelling where a certain % of recycled PCW is required.
  • Where a biodegradable label according to the EN13432 system is required, as long as the label forms less than 1% of the total package.
  • Compostable and biodegradable PLA/Cello tags.
  • Product labels and promotional labels for eco-friendly brands.
  • Product labelling and promotional labelling for organic brands and for manufacturers and retailers of organic goods.


Certain products within the AdaptEco range are not stock items and are subject to minimum order quantity restrictions.

For more information, contact our AdaptEco product specialist Elaine Williamson on +44 (0) 1505 707706 or email her at

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