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Our range of Inkjet Printable label materials are used mainly for commercial inkjet printing and are universally printable with pigmented inks. We do recommend checking the suitability of these products on your invidual printer before placing an order with us. The products we currently offer in the range are:

  • Jet Gloss 90
  • Jet Matt 90
  • Durajetâ„¢ PP
  • Jet Gloss White PP90
  • Jet Satin White PP90
  • Jet Gloss Clear PP80

Applications and Benefits include

  • Shorter print runs: Economical printing alternative for small businesses.
  • Flexibility of print runs: Allow for spontaneous on-pack promotional activity.
  • Available with a wide range of adhesives: Choose from permanent, removable, freezer and hotmelt adhesives to suit most labelling applications.
  • ISEGA and/or FDA approved adhesives for direct and indirect food contact: Certain adhesive/product combinations are ISEGA and/or FDA approved for either direct or indirect food contact.
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