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Gloss 90 Coverall/HT236/65HG

An opaque (back coated with an opaque grey coating) white, glossy, coated paper, laminated with a high tack permanent acrylic adhesive to a glassine liner.

Applications and Benefits include

  • Short notice package changes: Correction labels printed on this material can be used to completely mask any incorrect information. The unwanted information will not be visible at all through the new labels.
  • Fraud prevention: In-built features such as different coloured back coatings, adhesives etc can be an added security feature.
  • End-user savings: Reduces the need for expensive packaging reprints.
  • Direct food contact: Adhesive is ISEGA approved for direct contact with dry, moist and fatty foods which have a reduction factor of at least 5.
  • Printable with a wide variety of print technologies: Including letterpress, flexographic, screen and litho-processes. Also suitable for thermal transfer printing with several printer/ribbon combinations.
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