Labelstock Modified Commodity Final White


The AdaptLabelStock range presents you with the opportunity to enjoy an unlimited choice of self-adhesive labelling solutions. This range includes standard and modified commodity products to suit any application.

Fluorescent Papers

General purpose, one side fluorescent coated papers for eye-catching applications such as labels or tags for warnings, instructions, promotional and point of sale signs.

Applications and Benefits 

  • Eye-catching labels: Fluorescent labels are excellent for promotional and point-of-sale labelling.
  • Security: Given the wide choice of colours available, brands/products can use a fluorescent label to act as a low level security measure to prevent counterfeiting and fraud.
  • Printable with a wide variety of print technologies: Including letterpress, flexographic, screen and litho-processes. Also suitable for thermal transfer printing with several printer/ribbon combinations.
  • ISEGA approved adhesives for Direct and Indirect Food Contact.
  • Available with a wide range of adhesives: Permanent, removable, freezer and hotmelt adhesives to suit most labelling applications.

Popular Products 

  • Red Fluorescent/HT236/65HG
  • Lemon Fluorescent/HT236/65HG
  • Orange Fluorescent/HT236/65HG
  • Green Fluorescent/HT236/65HG

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