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Smith & McLaurin are ready for the new GHS legislation changes, are you?

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Smith & McLaurin innovation and flexibility in new Durajet™ labelstock unlocks answers to new GHS warning label demands.

On Monday 1st June, all aspects of the Global Harmonised System within the EU (EU Regulation 1272/2008 (CLP)) come into effect. The familiar black-on-orange warning symbols will be obsolete and must be replaced by more complex coloured pictograms and text.

These warning labels are traditionally a two-colour process printed using thermal transfer printers but with the introduction of up to six colours, and the insistence on more complicated and variable data on individual labels, some businesses will come under pressure.

To enable customers to not only comply but also get ahead, Smith & McLaurin have created Durajet™, a product which is both digitally printable and durable enough for customer applications:

Inkjet printable labelstock with a hotmelt adhesive

BS5609 Marine Immersion Part 2 Approved

Labelstock suitable for harshest environments

The flexibility of a digitally printable face material

Inkjet printing needs minimal setup – minimise downtime

Reliable high quality for pigmented inkjet printers

for more information on Durajet™ PP call_+44 (0)1505 707701 or e-mail us at

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